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mardi, décembre 20, 2005    permalien - accueil - recueil des gratuiciels

Une nouvelle version de Disk Idle Optimizer est disponible. Voici la réponse que j'ai reçue suite à ma question concernant le fait qu'on ne pouvait voir Disk Idle Optimizer dans le gestionnaire de tâches Windows.

"Bonjour Pierre.

The Disk Idle Optimizer does not show up in the task manager. The reason for this is because it used the Windows XP defrag API, so no extra resources are needed. This save memory, and system speed.

A new version if Disk Idle Optimizer has been released today. You can download it from our page at www.UnityPro.com.
The new version is version 2.0a which allows the defrag of you boot files as well as your most used files.

You see, Disk Idle Optimizer only runs when it needs to, This is how it works: When you use Windows XP, it keeps track of what software you use and what files you access. Windows keeps a list of these files so that it can always prefetch them. This list is dynamic and always reflects your use of the computer. Disk Idle Optimizer takes this one step further. It makes maximum use of your system idle time by optimizing and defragmenting these files. Commercial "Defrag while idle" software try to defrag your entire drive. So it spends most of its time defragmenting files you rarely use. Also, as soon as there is a disk write of any kind - it has to start at the beginning again - making them pretty much useless. By keeping it dynamic as in Disk Idle Optimizer, your computer concentrates on the files you actually use. This makes sure that your most important files are always at top speed. A feature no other defragmenter free or not free has.

Because Disk Idle Optimizer uses only the standard windows defrag API, no extra resources are needed. The windows defrag API has no way to respond that's it is functioning or not without creating a system service, it was felt that the benefit of just seeing a "Yes its working" was not worth the slow down. The easy way to tell that it is working is to just let the system sit for 10 minutes and then you will se your drive light go on and off rhythmically. Also, because it uses the Windows API - if you are running a 64 bit version of windows XP then the optimization will be done with 64 bit code. A nice bonus for those who have the 64 bit processors. Anouther feature that is rare is system optimizers.
The new version is much nicer than the original. You should upgrade to it. It also has a help system that explains how the whole system works and why.

Thank you for your email, if there are any other questions I can answer for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best Regards and happy holidays,

Kristi James
UnityPro Support Staff

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