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mardi, mai 27, 2003    permalien - accueil - recueil des gratuiciels


iEdit - Gratuiciel (440k)
iEdit is inspired by another application called Hydra, but goes a step further by being a cross-platform utility. Chat with other team members through the LAN or the Internet while simultaneously editing a file together. Upon opening the program, it'll ask for an IP address for joining or hosting. The left side of the screen is the file undergoing an operation while the right side is the chat screen. It's a small and simple program for those with a basic need for such a program. There is no help file, so you're on your own.

I Hate This Key - Gratuiciel (480 KB)
I Hate This Key is a tool to prevent accidental usage of the Windows Logo key (the on that brings up the start menu). While this key is very useful most of the time, it can become a problem or annoyance in certain situation like full-screen Terminal Service sessions, games or other full-screen programs. I Hate This Key allows you to work as usual, but can automatically disable the Windows Logo key during those special situations.

a4deskA4Desk - Gratuiciel (930 KB)
This is a template-based, WYSIWYG application for developing Flash menu headers and Flash Web sites with no coding required. Using A4Desk and its templates gallery, you can build Flash menus and Web sites in minutes with only a few mouse clicks and keystrokes.

pdfproducerPDFproducer - Gratuiciel (25 KB)
PDFproducer is an easy to use tool that can convert any text file into a PDF document. Just select the input file, specify some optional details (keywords, subject title) and the name of the output file - then click the convert button and you're done. In addition, you can specify the font face and size to be used in the output. The result is a nicely formatted PDF document.
pdfproducerJAlbum 3.3 - Gratuiciel (2165 KB)
JAlbum allows you to create photo galleries for the web. You can simply select or drop drag/drop folders containing images or movie files onto JAlbum and it will create thumbnails and HTML pages to publish your images as a gallery or picture slideshow. The galleries are based on various template designs and appearance can be further customized by advanced users. Additional features include support for EXIF data, URL encoding of file names, built in FTP client and more. Requires Java (Included).

ezHTMLareaezHTMLarea - ?diteur HTML WYSIWYG pour IE 5.5+
J'ai tellement de plaisir à ajouter des fonctions sur mon éditeur HTML que je n'ai plus beaucoup de temps pour écrire des billets dans mon carnet.  Désolé! Voici les fonctions les plus récentes:
Gabarits  / Enregistrer  / Correcteur en 5 langues  / Redimensionnement des images "live"  

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